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This game is commonly known as WOT, it is a set of tanks developed by War-gaming, which includes semi-historical war vehicles with precision. World of Tanks includes over 210 armored vehicles from Germany, the Soviet Union, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Czechoslovakia. This is one of the first games of the Belarusian Company War-gaming to be out under the free model. WOT in March 2013 broke the record of 800,000 players connected simultaneously, this client has different languages depending on the server to which it is directed, the client of the North American server includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Korean, facing North America, America Latin, and Asia.


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Premium Tanks

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World of Tanks Requirements

OS : Windows 8 64-Bit

CPU : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo

Memory : 6 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space : 40 GB

Video : NVIDIA® GTS 450 / ATI® 5870

Sound : DirectX compatible

DirectX® : DirectX® 11

Internet : Broadband

Xbox One

Storage : 40 GB of free space

HD Video Output : 1080px

Xbox 360

Storage : 50 GB of free space

HD Video Output : 1920px

PS 2

Storage : 40 GB of free space

HD Video Output : 1080px

PS 3

Storage : 50 GB of free space

HD Video Output : 1920px

World of Tanks Videos

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    The Best Moments WTF

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    World of Tanks Epic Wins

Gold Tank World


World of Tanks is an epic online game that you can join and play absolutely for free but has its own currency that can be earned or bought. It is golden. And yes, you're not wrong. You can convert your money, buy gold.


Next, we provide you with these 5 tips or clues so you can master this free-to-play game war strategy!


How to choose a tank


As expected, the terrain here is the key. You have city maps and you have open maps and you have the hybrid maps that are a combination. Choose a tank based on that. There are light tanks like the AMX 13 90, which is much faster and smaller, but it does not have much firepower, armor or much [like other tanks]. In an open map where you have to quickly go from A to B, you want something smaller, faster, and lighter.


On the city maps you want something heavy because you do not have to travel that far and when you drive down a road you can only shoot from the front, so you need more armor at the front. Several people collect tanks from the country they come from. When you're a newcomer, the English are pretty good and the Americans are pretty good.


What to do when you generate


World of Tanks is an information game. The shootings are the easy part, the hard part is being in the right place at the right time and thinking about what you are doing. Faster tanks tend to have a wider field of view and you can add equipment such as coated optics or binocular telescopes that offer 10 percent, a 25 percent viewing range, so you can say that it will be the observer of the equipment. I'll go out and give you the information you need to use your big guns and get the enemy out. This is the most important part: information.


Always think about your next move


You move from beginning to end, from A to B and you're always thinking about what's in B. You do not want to go in and say 'Well ... I'm in the middle of a field'. The average combat time is seven and a half minutes, so that means seven and a half minutes to think about your next step. The foulest people in World of Tanks are the top people in Counter-Strike even yet they seem to be very similar games because they are aggravated. You must be a little patient to play.


The basics of the shooting


Look carefully. The smaller the grid on your weapon is, the more accurate their shots will be. There is also the tracking time, which is the speed at which the lattice decreases in size. The faster it gets smaller, the faster you can be precise. However, it is important how much precision points to the right point to start. Knowing where to aim is an important part of the knowledge of the game. No matter what kind of ammunition you use or how large the caliber of your weapon is, you will have more trouble penetrating if you shoot the bigger armor.


Generally, tanks with more alpha damage (damage inflicted by fire) have a longer recharge time, while vehicles with a shorter time interval between shots cannot draw large amounts of hit points in a single round. Tanks equipped with loaders, commonly known as automatic loaders, can generate a large amount of damage in a short time, but their drawback is the long recharge time between short bursts. Keep this in mind before participating.


Do not be that solitary tanker


Always think about your team. You should never find yourself in a situation where you are not supported, regardless of how good you are as a player. You should always have someone with a line of sight about you. This is the most important thing for beginners, otherwise, they simply drive in the middle of nowhere and destroy each other. This is what I did! But the best way to get gold in WOT is to buy it.



What are you waiting for to be part of World of Tanks? There is a war to be won!


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